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Professional pre-purchase survey reports are essential before buying a new or used boat. There is no such thing as a perfect boat as all vessels have strengths and weakness depending on your budget and your requirements.  No matter how cheap a vessel may seem, if it is not up to the task for you it is a waste of money and may put lives at risk.

One party, the seller, the broker or the buyer commissions the surveyor to carry out an initial survey.  After the  results of the initial survey the surveyor can then be asked to complete a detailed survey and submit his report to the person who commissioned him to survey the vessel.

The survey can involve a large range of visual and scientific tests. Tests that can be carried out include, excessive moisture levels for GRP and timber, wastage and corrosion (steel and aluminum), and delaminating and fatigue for composite and ferro concrete hulls. All underwater fittings are thoroughly inspected and moisture readings and ultra sonic thickness testing is carried out. 12 volt DC systems are inspected but AC electrical systems and gas fittings must inspected by professional tradesmen.

Samples of engine, gearbox and hydraulic oils can be taken for testing and corrosion testing can be carried in areas known for problems such as rigging, metal to metal contacts, ground tackle and tanks to mention just few. The charges for these tests are normally in addition to the standard survey fee.

Your report will cover safety concerns, structural integrity, design and operational restrictions. At the completion you surveyor will give you a verbal report which will then be followed by a detailed written report including digital images of the vessel and any defects identified during the survey.